Christmas nails 2012 – Snowmen


Day 8 of the 12 nails of Christmas and we have snowmen!!

These were fun little guys to do, nice scarfs too : )

The colours i used for this are:

‘Azure’ by Rimmel, ‘Electric’ by Rimmel, ‘Electric Blue’ by BeautyUK, ‘Blue me away’ by Rimmel, ‘Purple Addict’ by Rimmel, ‘Fun in the sun’ by L.A. Colour, ‘Blackout’ by Rimmel, ‘White on white’ by Revlon, ‘Spring Green’ by Barry M, ‘Bright Orange’ by MaxFactor, ‘Jelly bean’ by BeautyUK, ‘Sweet as sugar’ by Rimmel and ‘Red Carpet’ by Rimmel.

More photos after the cut.

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Christmas nails 2012 – Snow


Snow!! I’ve been searching for white glitter for a while now to see if I could make it look like snow.

I’m actually quite happy with how this looks finished too. I would have changed the ring finger a bit though.

Colours I used:
‘White on White’ by Revlon, ‘Electric Blue (no 39)’ by BeautyUK and ‘Electric (397)’ by Rimmel. and White Glitter

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How to … Snowflakes


As i said yesterday here is a snowflake tutorial. It’s all quite easy. You just need a very fine brush. So starting with the photo above this you take the colour you use and you start with the white line down the center of the nail. From here you add another two lines to make a 6 pointed star shape in the center of the nail.

This is the starting point for all of the snowflakes! If you just make this every time then it’s all very easy from this point.

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Christmas nails 2012 – Snowflakes


Snowflakes! I adore snow, I get to wear my snow boots!

I tried to use as many different nail varnishes to make the snowflakes on the nails and I love the background texture! it’s like brushes metal. I think it might be my new thing to wear.

one month till Christmas! woo!

The colours I used are:
‘Sassy Sparkle’ by L.A.Colour, ‘Silver Glitter’ by Barry M, ‘Kathleen’ by Andrea Fullerton  ‘Electric (397) by Rimmel, ‘Electric Blue (39) by BeautyUK, ‘Matt top coat’ by Rimmel.

More photos under the cut

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