Night Vale


my new addiction is night vale. it’s so perfectly strange.

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Spider webs


Halloween season!!!!

I really am a sucker for Halloween  This happens to also be all of my dressing up for this Halloween  As i have no Halloween shindig this year : ( yes feel sorry for me! And worse, even if i did, i don’t have enough money or time to make the costume i want this year : (

This ones a really simple one, just spider webs.

Colours i used for this are:

‘553’ by Maybeline, ‘White on white’ by Revlon, ‘Sassy Sparkles’ by LA Colour and Holographic Hero’ by Gosh.

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Colour blind test


I love the colours in the colour blind tests, so i thought i’d have a go and do one myself.

The colours i used for this are:

‘Shade 50’ by 2true, ‘Shade 48’ by 2true, ‘Berry I/C’ by Barry M, ‘251’ by Maybelline, ‘Heartbeat’ by 17, ‘Purple Addict’ by Rimmel, ‘Rose Libertine’ by Rimmel, ‘Colbolt Blue’ by Barry M, ‘Strawberry Fizz’ by Rimmel, ‘Red Shimmer’ by Famous, ‘Ninja’ by Collection 2000, ‘Green with Envy’ by Collection 2000, ‘Electric’ by Rimmel, ‘Spring Green’ by Barry M, ‘Hot Gossip’ by Rimmel, ‘Blue eyed girl’ by Rimmel, ‘Sulk’ by 17, ‘Caribean Coral’ by 17, ‘Indigo’ by Barry M, ‘Double Decker red’ by Rimmel, ‘Orange Soda’ by 17, ‘Bright Orange’ by MaxFactor, ‘Mischeivious’ by Misguided, ‘Misty Jade’ by Rimmel, ‘Sun downer’ by Rimmel, ‘Shocker’ by Rimmel, ‘Princes streey’ by NYC, ‘320’ by Miss Sporty, ‘553’ by Maybelline, ‘Look at me’ by Collection 2000, ‘Cyan Blue’ by Barry M, ‘346’ by Miss Sporty, ‘High Line Green’ by NYC, ‘456’ by Miss Sporty.

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The very Hungry caterpillar


So this look is inspired by bewitchery and her very hungry caterpillar nails. I loved that book as a child so i though, given that today is a bank holiday in the UK, and  had some time spare, i’d give them a try too. I hope you all approve!
The colours i used for this look are:
 ‘White on White’ by Revlon, ‘749’ by Maybelline, ‘Jucy’ by 17, ‘Peacock’ by 17, ‘Ninja’ by Collection 2000, ‘Spring Green’ by Barry M, ‘Green with Envy’ by Collection 2000, ‘Sulk’ by 17, ‘Emerald Green, by Barry M, ‘Green with Envy’ by Rimmel, ‘Look at me’ by Collection 2000, ‘Mischevious’ by Misguided, ‘Posh Puddle’ by BeautyUK, ‘Purple Reign’ by Rimmel and ‘Pompous’ by Rimmel.

Rainbow dots on White


This look is a variant on a look i’ve done before. And i did another look, similar to this look but using shades of one colour instead.

So the colours i used in this look are:

‘Matt White’ by Barry M, ‘Double Decker Red’ by Rimmel, ‘Hot Gossip’ by Rimmel, ‘Bright Orange’ by MaxFactor, ‘Go go’ by 17, ‘Spring Green’ by Barry M, ‘Gloria’ by Andrea Fulerton, ‘Cobolt Blue’ by Barry M, ‘Indigo by Barry M and ‘Vivid Purple’ by Barry M.

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A love letter flying to you


Here’s a spin off the bee flying nails i did back

Oh, and the reason i’m painting onto fake nails at the moment is, as i mentioned a little while ago, i broke one of my nails. Let me know if you prefer painting on fake nails or real ones though.

The colours  used for this look are:

‘Pattie’ by Andrea Fulerton, ‘Strawberry Fizz’ by Rimmel, ‘Peach Melba’ by Barry M, ‘Berry I/C’ by Barry M, ‘Hot Gossip’ by Rimmel and ‘Matt White’ by Barry M.

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Halloween theme 2


This was the second Halloween look that is did in 2012, I went for another varied images look.

The colours i used for this are: ‘Black Out’ by Rimmel, ‘Matt White’ by Barry M, ‘Your Majesty’ by Rimmel, ‘Pattie’ by Andrea Fulerton, ‘electric Blue’ by BeautyUK, ‘Purple Addict’ by Rimmel, ‘136’ by Stargazer, ‘Go go/ by 17 and ‘Spring Green’ by Barry M.

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Halloween theme 1


So this was one of the few looks that i did for Halloween and boy is this going to be a long blog/tutorial about it. lol I’ll go ahead and list the products then i’ll do the rest nail by nail. : D

So colours used: ‘Matt White’ by Barry M, ‘Pattie’ by Andrea Fullerton, ‘Blackout’ by Rimmel, the 2true metalic orange sadly the shade number has scrubbed off : (, ‘312’ by Miss Sporty, ‘Hot Gossip’ by Rimmel, ‘Misty Jade’ by Rimmel, ‘Your Majesty’ by Rimmel ‘Ninja’ by Hot Looks, ‘Purple Reign’ by Rimmel, ‘Sunshine’ by Rimmel and ‘Bright Orange’ by Max Factor.

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Skull and crossbones nail tattoos


This is a look I tried out when I was in the shops looking for more nail supplies and came across Andrea Fullerton nail tattoos. So I bought them thinking I’d find a way to use them and this is what I created in the end.

For this look I used ‘Purple Addict’ by Rimmel and the nail tattoos by Andrea Fullerton.

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