How to… Leopard print


Have you ever looked at leopard print and wanted to try it out on your own nails but not known how? Well here’s a tutorial showing you how it can be done and it’s quick and simple!

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Bright neon animal print


So i thought i’d try out various looks on one set of nails. You could wear this as one large look or select each nail or change the colours. One print per look. I just wanted to see if you could do animal print with colours that are bright and not natural.

So te colour i used for this look are: ‘Azure’ by Rimmel, ‘Matt White’ by Barry M, ‘Silver Bullet’ by Rimmel, ‘Gloria’ by Andrea Fulerton, ‘Ann’ by Andrea Fulerton, ‘Bright Orange’ by MaxFactor, ‘749’ by NYC, ‘Spring Green’ by Barry M, ‘Shocker’ by Rimmel, ‘Strawberry Fizz’ by Barry M and ‘Peach Melba’ by Barry M. 

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This is a fun, silly little look I did one day when I was watching tv.

Do if you’re in a funny mood or want to make people giggle when they see your nails give this a try!

So for this look I used: ‘Go go’ by 17, ‘Bright Orange’ by MaxFactor, ‘White’ by BeautyUK and ‘Black Out’ by Rimmel.

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