Interview nails


I was looking up how colours effected different people and how they could effect a persons mood when I came up with this idea for some nails.

Colours used: ‘minty cream’ by elf and ‘blueberry I/c’ by Barry M

More photos under the cut

I decided to use blue and green as I read an article saying that blue promotes calm and understanding and green is generally liked by all. so I thought this would make an ideal interview look. non threatening but something different from all the classic nude ideas

I started with a protective base coat to prevent the nails from staining. Then two coast of blue. Once totally dry this could take a few hours. then I took tape and taped off the triangles on the cuticles.

I find, when using tape for a straight edge when painting nails the best time to remove the tape is as soon as you’ve painted the nail. it seems the longer you leave it on the higher the chance if you removing the nail varnish with the tape.

On the ring finger I did the opposite green as the background and blue triangle.

They’re very simple and easy to do with the simplest of tools.

Have fun recreating this look!





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