Dripping Gold


So I’m back! woo! and annoyingly my camera blurred the rest of the photos so this is the only one I have : (

Colours used:
‘Aztec’ by beautyUK, ‘455’ miss sporty and ‘practically prefect’ by No7

This is really simple and yet eye catching look. and who doesn’t like looking like they’ve dipped their hands in gold.

I started by prepping the nail, Base coat even though these gold polishes don’t stain the nail. Then a coat of nude on top, just to even out and add shine to your nail.

Then taking a dotting tool place dots at different heights on the nails. Personally I find if you go for a smaller dotting tool it looks better. Then take a tiny brush and drawing a straight line from
the dot and take it to the top of the nail. repeat this over for each dot on each nail. Then taking the gold run it across the too if all your nails, almost like a French tip look. Using the small brush again join the drips lower downside it looks like the varnish just flowed down the nail.

The golds I have come up best when I use them together so at this point I went over what I had gone with my second gold polish.

The fist hold polish I used is thicker but not as shimmery or bright the second one that’s on top is brighter an more gold but really thin and doesn’t show up well.

I hope you have fun recreating this look, any metal polish could work if you fancy dripping silver instead.

Feel free to comment with suggestions if nails you’d like to see!


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