Galaxy Nails


Sorry these look messy in the photo, i’m sure they didn’t when i was taking them, but it seems the light has caught more on here.

I’ve wanted to try doing these for ages. And i’m admitting this is actually being writen and was done at the start of December. I didn’t think my head would feel too good so i did these early.

I hope to wear this to my new years thing, yes i know, a few days back… : S So i’m going to be practicing doing these a few more times before then, this is my first ever go at doing it. And my thoughts are i need to improve. I’ll post a photo of the ones i do wear to the new years party and hopefully it’ll be much better than these. Anyway far too much chatter.

The colours i used for these are:

‘White on White’ by Revlon, ‘Holographic Hero’ by GOSH, ‘Sun Downer’ by Rimmel, ‘Navy Grint’ by 17, ‘Azure’ by Rimmel, ‘Electric’ by Rimmel, ‘Peacock’ by 17, ‘Blackout’ by Rimmel, ‘Electric punk’ by Collection 2000, ‘Pulsating’ by Rimmel and ‘Purple Addict’ by Rimmel.

More photos under the cut.

I studied a lot of photos before i attempted this, and it looks like i could do with trying to look at a lot more photos. I’m not going to tell you how or what to do to get these, because i don’t think they’re good enough. I’ll do a tutorial when i think i’ve done you all proud, till then, i’m sorry. But i’m going to get practicing.


I practiced a bit. as you may have seen last week! let me know if you want or think I’m at tutorial level yet : )






Photo of the newest galaxy nails.



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