Monster Inc


I hope you all had a great Christmas. I expect some of you are still suffering from the food comma of a lifetime!

Well here i am back on the 3 days schedule and here’s the first one back. Sully from Monsters Inc.

The colours i used to make this are:

‘468’ by Miss Sporty, Beat Box’ by Hello Kitty, ‘White on White’ by Revlon, ‘Cobalt Blue’ by Barry M, ‘Blackout’ by Barry M and ‘PlayYa’ by Hello Kitty.

More photos under the cut.

I started by applying the base colour all over the nails. As this was drying i started by placing dots of the purple on the nails and taking a brush i spread the paint over the nail in a circle until i thought it was a better size. Then dabbing the same colour purple around the edge and using the brush i spread the purple outwards fanning it out to look as if it were fur instead. Once i’d done this on all of the nails, I sealed it in with a top coat.

Then on the thumb nail i took a dark blue and filled in a nose on the bottom of the nail, then dotted in two white eyes above the nose. Once this had dried i added in the pupils and brows. Finally i added in the horns above the eyes.

And that’s Sully!!! It’s so easy but recognisable!








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