Christmas nails 2012


Here we are, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

I hope your all enjoying yourselves and you’ve had a great day, presents and drinkies and so on.

So we are on the 12th day of the 12 nails of Christmas, i hope you’ve enjoyed all the nails. The next one will be as normal in 3 days time again.

Todays nails, on Christmas day, are Christmas nails, and by that i mean the bits that make Christmas.

The colours i used for this look are;

‘White on white’ by Revlon, ‘Blackout’ by Rimmel, ‘312’ by Miss Sporty, ‘455’ by Miss Sporty, ‘346’ by Miss Sporty, ‘Spring Green’ by Barry M, ‘Sweet as Sugar’ by Rimmel, ‘At First Sight’ by OPI, ‘456’ by Miss Sporty and ‘Aztec’ by BeautyUK.

More photos under the cut.

Ah Christmas!

Starting with the Elf, i took my white and marked off the tights and as i waited for the white to dry i blocked in the green for the coat on top. I then took the lighter green and started marking out the stripes on the tights. I then moved onto the belt and marked it in. I followed this up with the Gold buckle. Once this had dried  i took my tiny tiny brush and using black carefully outlined it all.

The Candles next. After painting the background colour and letting it dry i used w and blocked in the candles. Later layering on top an ivory colour to give a sheen to them. I then added a yellow circle around the top of each of the candles and on the outside edge of the yellow i added gold to make it seem like it was shining. I finally went around and added the outline and candle wick.

For the Bell i started with a darker shade of blue for the background as i thought it would help the gold stand out more. I blocked in the general shape of the ball and started to fill it in with the gold varnish. Once i was happy with the way it looked i took the second gold, which is brighter and layered it on top. As i left this to dry i started on the Holy leaf on the top of the bed. And as before i finished it off with a fine black outline around it all.

For the Candy Cane, i went back to the lighter shade of blue for the background. I then too my white and a slightly bigger brush and started drawing out the shape of the candy cane. Once happy with the shape i started with a red and put the stripes on the cane. This might have been one of the easiest nails to do out of the group. Once dry i added the outline to make it stand out more.

And finally for the Santa Hat, after the background i started by putting the white down first for the fur trim at the bottom of the hat. I then took my red and drew in the rest of the hat. I only added in the white for the end baubles at the point of the hat after i had finished doing the red as i didn’t know exactly where it was going to be until i had drawn it in. And as per the others, once finished i went around and outlined it all in back.

Remember to use a topcoat to prevent from chipping, you know from unwrapping those gifts, or doing the washing up after the epic Christmas meal.

I hope you’ve all had a great day. Remember to pop on over to the giveaway and enter so you can have a whole load of new things to play with in the new year!! 20121209-121316.jpg





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