Christmas nails 2012 – Red and Green


Day 5 of the 12 nails of Christmas.

And a nice easy design for those who aren’t sure about complex Christmas nails. This is a gloss and matt look.

The colours i used for this look are:

‘Matt top coat’ by Rimmel, ‘Top coat’ by Rimmel, ‘Red Shimmer’ by Rimmel, and ‘Ninja’ by Collection 2000.

More photos under the cut.

Simple paint each alternate nail with one of the the two colours. I picked a nice red and green to be all festive. The only thing is try and not go for colours that are too metallic. A bit is okay, and try to go for darker colours this works better with them.

Once you’ve got a good layer on each of them use the matt top coat on them all. And then let this dry thoroughly!

Now taking a small brush and your gloss top coat start making your patterns on the nail. I went for snowflakes. Sadly i’m not sure if i managed to get enough light on them so you could see it in the photos.

And that’s it!! So easy, and if your not sure of your nail art skills it’s only in the top coat in gloss so you can only see if when the light catches it.








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