Christmas nails 2012 – Holly


A nice little holly look. For those who don’t want anything too obvious for Christmas.

Day 2 of 12 days of nails for Christmas.

The colours i used for this look are:

‘French Rose’ by Rimmel, ‘At first sight’ By OPI, ‘Red Carnation’ by L.A. Colour, ‘Voodoo’ by BeautyUK, ‘Sulk’ by 17, ‘Spring Green’ by Barry M and ‘White on White’ by Revlon.

More photos after the cut.

I started with a couple of base coats of a light pink tone. One that’s actually meant to be used for a french manicure, to add some pink to the fake nails i was using, as i broke one of my own : (

On top of this i used a ivory colour to ensure the holly would pop more.

I started with the lighter green on the holly leaves. I sketched in the basic shape on each nails then filled the colour in. Taking the darker green i went around and coloured in the tops and shadows then taking the lighter green putting highlights on the leaves.

Finally i added berries, simply taking the lighter red and a dotting tool and place 2 to 3 berries on each nail. Taking a darker red i did the same as i had done on the leaves and added in shadows to one side of the berries and finally a white for the light on the top of each berry.

That’s it nice and simple and easy.

Don’t forget to use a top coat to seal in the design and prevent chipping.

I hope you have fun recreating this look.






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