Christmas nails

So i’ve been painting Christmas nails for you all to see. And annoyingly last night i broke a nail!!! grr. So most of these nails will be painted on fake nails instead.

Sorry i forgot to post on the last scheduled day, I have a few Christmas presents i’ making this year and the deadline is looming and they’re not done : S So i’m going to have to give more time over to completing them in time.

If you want to know what i’m making, let me know and i’ll either do a quick post of link you to my deviant art page when i upload the progress images and finished images.

I love looking at all the nail art at this time of year. It seems like more people try and actually draw instead of using stamps and so on around now, and i love to see what people come up with. Anyway. I’ll stop chatting and get back to writing and scheduling the nails to post

There will be a 1 days of Christmas nails not the song though just 1 nails. I discovered i can’t draw partridges…….


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