Christmas nails 2012 – Christmas Lights


More Christmas!!

This is a simple tip design. You could add colour to your nails or just leave them blank as I did.

Colours I used:
‘defiant (87)’ by Me me me, ‘Unstopable’ by Hello Kitty, ‘Red Carnation’ by LA Colour, ‘Cyan Blue’ by Barry M and ‘Jellybean’ by BeautyUK.

I started with a dark green and using a very thin brush drew a line at the tip of each nail and made it wind and twist around as I went. On the ring finger I made a little heart out of the ‘wire’.

Then one colour at a line a added the lights to the ‘wire’ that I’d just painted on.

This look is actually a continuation if last years nails where I only did one nail with lights. So just carrying on the theme this year.

For the bulbs I dotted the colour near the ‘wire then spread it outward into a peak to give the bulb it’s shape. Finally I added a white hint to each bulb.

I hope you have fun recreating this look!







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