Christmas nails 2012 – Snow


Snow!! I’ve been searching for white glitter for a while now to see if I could make it look like snow.

I’m actually quite happy with how this looks finished too. I would have changed the ring finger a bit though.

Colours I used:
‘White on White’ by Revlon, ‘Electric Blue (no 39)’ by BeautyUK and ‘Electric (397)’ by Rimmel. and White Glitter

This is the white glitter i used for this look, I just bought it from a local hobby craft store. But of course any craft store and i think even child’s shop might have it. I was being really fussy when i bought this though as i wanted a certain size glitter. I think this cost me about £1.69 So nothing to break the bank and even though it feels like i used loads It’s hardly made a dent in the amount in the jar.


So i started by painting my nails white. Apart from the ring finger, that i painted with the two blues, same as the snowflake design. And a matt top coat.

For the glitter to stick i used top coat on the areas i wanted it to stick, so all over most of the nails, on the ring finger i painted white nail polish on the tip of the nail where i want thew snow to sit. I worked one nail at a time so the top coat wouldn’t have a chance to dry out and not stick.

Before starting with the glitter, get a sheet of paper and place in down under where you’re going to be using the glitter  I also folder the paper in half length ways so i had a crease down the middle, this means the glitter tends to collect in the middle and makes it so much easier to funnel back into the jar when your done.

First put on the top coat then taking the jar, this one had a handy flap and sprinkle holes so you can just shake it. Make sure you make it a really thick layer as not all of it sticks by the time you’ve tapped off the extra.

When the first layer is dry add another layer of top coat and repeat the glitter. Use a brush to wipe away the excess glitter from the edges around the nail.

Don’t add a top coat as that ruins the effect  and ye it does leave a rough feeling to the nails and you’ll she glitter on everything you touch for a while but it stops once all the loose glitter is gone.

And that’s all there is to it. I hope you have fun recreating this look. It’s fun to do. And comes off easier than glitter nail polish.







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