How to … Snowflakes


As i said yesterday here is a snowflake tutorial. It’s all quite easy. You just need a very fine brush. So starting with the photo above this you take the colour you use and you start with the white line down the center of the nail. From here you add another two lines to make a 6 pointed star shape in the center of the nail.

This is the starting point for all of the snowflakes! If you just make this every time then it’s all very easy from this point.


Next add little ‘v’ shapes to the ends of those lines, add one two or three little v shapes depending on how large the nail is and ow much space you have to place with.


If you do that all the way around then you’ll have your snow flake.


For a really basic snowflake how about this one. Once again start with the 6 pointed star then just taking the colour your using make dots at the ends of each point.


For this one (sorry about the photo quality) start with the 6 pointed star in the middle then using your fine brush start making little ‘v’ shapes that start in the middle between the branches and the point faces outwards.


Then as before more ‘v’ shapes on the end of each tip, add two if you have the space.


And finally for this last snowflake.Follow the steps from before or combine them. This one has the 6 pointed star shape i the middle and the ‘v’ shapes pointing outward around the middle. Then dots on the ends of the branches.

Once you have the easy pasterns down it’s very easy to figure out the rest of it.

I hope this helps with your designs and Christmas nails.


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