Christmas nails 2012 – Snowflakes


Snowflakes! I adore snow, I get to wear my snow boots!

I tried to use as many different nail varnishes to make the snowflakes on the nails and I love the background texture! it’s like brushes metal. I think it might be my new thing to wear.

one month till Christmas! woo!

The colours I used are:
‘Sassy Sparkle’ by L.A.Colour, ‘Silver Glitter’ by Barry M, ‘Kathleen’ by Andrea Fullerton  ‘Electric (397) by Rimmel, ‘Electric Blue (39) by BeautyUK, ‘Matt top coat’ by Rimmel.

More photos under the cut

Would you believe this is the third time I’ve written this? it keeps being deleted sigh!!!!

For the background. and I love this background! I used a dark blue and on top a lighter metallic blue and finished with a matt top coat. I think it makes it look like a brushed metal finish or in some lights a velvet finish.

For the snowflakes themselves I used many different polishes. some glitter some with glitter sprinkled on top and some just in whites. sadly and I’ve only noticed this now I’ve taken photos. it’s quite hard to see some of the snowflakes. they seemed a lot clearer when they were wet.

I used 4 main snowflake patterns to make the snowflakes and since they’re not that clear ill do another tutorial and post it tomorrow on how to do snowflakes. So keep your eyes open for that tomorrow.









3 thoughts on “Christmas nails 2012 – Snowflakes

  1. So pretty! I’m desperate to do some snowflake nails, but I won’t allow myself anything that Christmassy until we’re in December.

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