How to … Mustache


So I had a thought drawing those tiny mustaches was quite hard till I realised how to do it.

For this I just used a black and a dotting tool and a tiny brush.

So unlike normal, each how to point, will be under the photo it’s talking about, so keep scrolling down.


Starting with a plane nail for this so you can so what to do. Of course any colour is good too.


Start with your dotting tool. If you don’t have a dotting tool, take a round ended cotton bud (not the make up ones where one end is pointy and the other end is flat) or the end of a brush, and drip it in your nil polish, then place two dots on your nails, and place them as close to each other as you can so they’re touching with a tiny amount of overlap (see above!)


Then taking your tiny tiny brush following the bottom of the dots put a line out to the side in a curve. Until it’s about the height of the top of the dot. And repeat on the other side. After that just fill it in till you think it looks right. It’s all about your personal judgement and making it look right. Making the line thicker closer to the dots and thin it out towards the end.

And that’s it. So easy once you know the secret! And very cute!

I hope you have fun recreating this look.


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