Movember 2012


So in honor of movember, here are this years nails!

I think it’s always good to support and bring awareness to a cancer.

Colours used are :
‘Indigo’ by Barry M, ‘Colbolt Blue’ by Barry M, ‘Play ya’ by Hello Kitty, ‘456’ by Miss Sporty, ‘Sweet as sugar’ by Rimmel, ‘White on white’ by Revlon and ‘Blackout’ by Rimmel.

More photos under the cut.

I started with the background on each nail. I wanted to have a slight difference so i chose to make all the backgrounds different shades of blue going from lightest to darkest across them all.

Then i started with the mustaches. The cutest part as far as i’m concerned.

The best day to do this type of mustache is to have a dotting tool and a fine brush.

Start with the dotting tool and place two dots very close to each other so the edges are overlapping a tiny bit. Then taking you fine brush dripped into the same colour, start bringing the edges out and into a ‘w’ shape.

Refine it with the brush if your not happy with the way it looks, until your happy.

I ho9pe you have fun recreating this look.

And have fun supporting prostate cancer this month.











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