Teddy bears


I’ve wanted to do teddy bears for a while.

I finally bought the right browns so i thought there’s no better time to try it out than now.

Colours i used:

‘Chocolate Shimmer’ by L.A.Colour, ‘Dark Brown’ by L.A.Colours, ‘456’ by Miss Sporty, ‘Posh Puddle’ by beautyUK, ‘white on white’ by Revlon, ‘Rosy Sand’ by Maybelline, ‘Miss Sweety’ by GOSH, ‘Bleu Aspalte’ by Bourjois.

I started with painting on the background colours. I chose to use different shades so they aren’t all the same.

Once all the backgrounds are dry i started with two lighter shades and put in the oval shapes for the nose and mouth on each of the nails.

Taking a black I drew on the noses and used slightly different shape for them all and then added the mouth using a double j shape.

the eyes were done with simple dots. this time I left the dotting tools in the box and simply used the end of the brush I was using. I added a small white dot as well for light. and three whisker dots too.

It’s quite simple and cute. I hope you have fun recreating this look!









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