Gingham print


I’ve wanted to try doing gingham print for a while so this is my first attempt at it.

I think I’ll try it again with reds. and an even smaller brush.

Colours I used:
‘Strawberry I/C’ by Barry M, ‘Sweet as sugar’ by Rimmel.

So i started with a base coat of sweet as sugar on all of the nails, about 3 coats i think is what it took before it stopped looking streaky.

I spent awhile wondering if i should try to tape to make the lines straighter, but i thought this time i’d go without it instead.

So i took a small brush and only loading it up with a small amount of nail varnish i started doing the lines on the nails, all in the same direction on the nails before going back to do the other direction. I worked the nails varnish back and forth a few times to give the edged a darker colour than the middle of the line.

Once that had dried i went back and put the lines going across in and worked the nail varnish through again.

Once all of this had dried, loading p he brush with a small dot of varnish i started on filling in the middles, where the two lines met and make them seem darker in colour.

And that’s all there is to it. Sorry for the lack of photos, but i hate you have fun trying to recreate this look. I’m looking forwards so doing this again.






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