New things and treats!


Excuse my ramblings if i go off, i have awesome toothache, i think it’s wisdom teeth… might be fillings…. but a massive fear of dentists will mean i never get this sorted, but the pain is crazy, so i’m trying to do anything i can not to think about it.

So first thing first! I have 2 main piece of news to share with you all, and one involves a give away!!! wooo

Read on after the cut to find out more!

So i’ll do the more boring piece of news first.

I’ve been changing the blog! If you look up towards the top of the page you can now see that under the header you have have page options! These say home, about me and FAQs, nail varnishes and tools.

Home is the entries, nail looks etc etc. About me and FAQs is me just introducing myself, (badly) and answering a load of questions, and on the end a couple FAQs, if you have any more questions, just add them on and i’ll answer those too : D

Tools and nail varnishes, are works in progress, but i’ll explain what they’re for now. Tools, is where i’ll share my, well… tools.. with you. I’ll take some photos and explain how and when i use them, How i clean them and store them, And where i got them from and the prices. Maybe even some photos of how i used them in a tutorial.

The nail varnish section is where i’ll so swatches and show you what each nail varnish looks like depending on how many coats it has. I’m just having a hard time with formatting images so it’ll be up soon. Hopefully i’ll add on the other details too, such as name, brand, photo of the brush inside, and where i bought it and price, if i can find out where i got them from….

So pop over and have a look!

Right! Now the second piece of news!!!!!


My fan page on facebook recently hit over 500 fans, And i wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who has fan’d it, ( this is it here: ) To be part of the giveaway you are going to have to head on over and all the details will be over there, i’ll post them again here, but to enter you’ll have to be on Facebook.

Head over to the fan page now anyway. There are some questionnaires and other things going on over there so let me know your answers.

The giveaway is going to be a selection of items, i would use for my nail art. I’ll do a big post with photos and details when it all gets here. And i hope you all like it!

So for now, i’m off to bed : ) It’s 4:34am, my toothache has kept me up : ( and i’ve been procrastinating by watching pixiwoo all night : ) (i’ve put the post on a timer)


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