Spider webs


Halloween season!!!!

I really am a sucker for Halloween  This happens to also be all of my dressing up for this Halloween  As i have no Halloween shindig this year : ( yes feel sorry for me! And worse, even if i did, i don’t have enough money or time to make the costume i want this year : (

This ones a really simple one, just spider webs.

Colours i used for this are:

‘553’ by Maybeline, ‘White on white’ by Revlon, ‘Sassy Sparkles’ by LA Colour and Holographic Hero’ by Gosh.

More photos under the cut

This nail starts with a simple background, i adore purple so that’s what i picked. I also wanted a dark colour that could let the web stand out.

Once this was dry i took a while and a striping brush and started making the lines going out from the center on each nail apart from the ring finger nail. Then taking a fine brush i started adding in the lines going around the center of the web going outwards. You can see from the lines, my brush isn’t quite as good as it used to be. I need to work it into more of a point before i start.

After finishing all of the lines in white. I went round with a shimmer and went over all of the lines with this.

On the ring finger nail i used my holographic nail polish and i placed it in the center of the nail, instead of off to the side. You can kind of catch the holographic one in the light in some of the photos.

Hope you have fun recreating this look.













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