London 2012 Paralympics.


Sorry i’ve been away. Family things and stuff.

So, last time i wrote a post was a while ago. These nails were meant to be put up a long time ago. And i thought i best put them up now instead.

These are the nails or a copy of the nails i wore when i went to the paralympics. I don’t wear fake nails myself, but my ones got ruined through the day and i though i should re-do them so i could take a better photo.

The colours i used for this are:

‘Hot Gossip’ by Rimmel, ‘White on white’ by Revlon, ‘Aqua Crystals’ by LA Colours, ‘Red Glitter’ by Barry M, ‘Aztec’ by BeautyUK and ‘456’ Miss Sporty.

more photos after the cut

So this is a simple look, taking the union flag and zooming in on sections and one gold nail. I deliberately didn’t separate the diagonal lines from the cross in the centre to give it a flame sort of look i also curves some of the lines to add to this effect.

I started with a base coat of white, just to make sure the colours stood out, then taking the red i started making the lines of the flag. Then taking the blue to fill in the areas between. Once dry i added the layer of glitter on the top and finally a layer of white over the gaps again just to clean it up and make it look crisper.

For the ring ringer i took the two golds i have and layered them on top of each other to get that tone of gold.

And that’s all there is to it. Nice and simple. I hope you have fun recreating this look.







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