Hearts and stars


I was looking at the noughts and crosses and I thought there must be a different version of this I can do, and here it is!!

Colours used:

‘Double Decker Red’ by Rimmel, ‘312’ by Miss Sporty, ‘Jellybean’ by BeautyUK, ‘456’ by Miss Sporty, ‘Catwalk Couture’ by 17 and ‘Sweet as sugar’ by Rimmel.

More photos under the cut

I started with using the different shades of blue as the background on the nails. Once i was happy with the colour i started with the lines. I took my thinnest striping rush and started using the purple to form the grid on each nail. I set them all off centre so the nails wouldn’t look too uniform.

For the hearts i took a dotting tool. and placed two dots next to each other and this formed the top of the heart. I then used a small brush and only using the nail varnish that was already on there i started making a v to make the bottom of the heart.

For the starts, i just used the brush and dabbed the yellow onto the nails and from a dot started bringing out 5 lines from it and it made the star shape.

And that’s all there is to it. I hope you have fun recreating this look!






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