Now that’s interesting

This blog has been around now for about 6 months.

In those 6 months i’ve had someone visit this blog from almost every country. My maps nearly lit up completely!! And i’m overjoyed that so many people have visited. So i thought i’d share some silly facts about this blog with you!

Top 10 countries most visited by:

1. UK (well i do live here so that makes sense)

2. USA

3. Canada

4. Netherlands

5. Ireland


7. Mexico

8. Australia

9. Malaysia

10. Hungary

And there you go. While i was looking around at my stats on this blog i also found out which are my most visited blogs. So……

Top 10 most visited blogs:

1. Olympics 2012

2. Doctor Who Gallifreyan

3. Tube Map


5. Neon Animal Print

6. Mclaren F1

7. Nails for wedding

8. Bees flying

9. Nesting Dolls

10. Rainbow on black

It’s nice to know what you all like to read about, and to see how far you come and amazing to know that you’ve found this blog.

Feel free to comment and ask for nail ideas to be done, and i’ll do them to my best for you.

I look forwards to sharing many more tutorials, and starting on videos too. And getting the shop set up. Thank you for reading! (Or at least looking at the photos!)


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