Geek Series – Breaking Bad


So here to kick off the geeky series is my first set. Breaking Bad! This was from a suggestion made on the me and jd nail art fan page on Facebook. ( ) if anyone has any more ideas please head on over and suggest them and become a fan!

many more photos and bigger photos after the cut

The colours I used for this look are:
‘346’ by Miss Sporty, and ‘White on white’ by Revlon.

I started with my usual base coat to protect my nail.

I then started with a double coat of the base colour. I tried to find one as close to the colour as I could I think I did okay matching it up.

Taking a very fine brush and taking my time I did the conical flask on my little nail. then I took to trying to do the fonts. It took a very steady hand and a lot of checking with reference images. If when you try this you make a mistake. don’t panic, just go back in with the background colour and correct it.

The symbol on the middle finger is from one of the posters from breaking bad and the glasses well their his glasses.

I hope you have fun recreating this look!







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