Naughts and crosses


I was in a very silly mood when I did this set. I was trying to think of ways to pass the time….

The colours I used for this are:
‘Blackout’ by Rimmel, ‘White on white’ by Revlon, ‘Grey Matter’ by Rimmel, ‘Sidewalkers’ by NYC, ‘Bleu Asphalte’ by Borjour, ‘Sweet as Sugar’ by Rimmel, ‘320’ by Miss Sporty, ”456′ by Miss Sporty and ‘ Cyan Blue’ by Barry M.

I thought I’d do two sequences of nail varnish for this,

For the background colours I started with black going through greys to white from thumb to little finger.

Then going the opposite was in blues having the darkest blue on the white nail and lightest on the black nail.

For the actual Naughts and crosses I used a fine tipped brush. starting with the grids then adding in the crosses and finally the circles which I found the hardest.

I like this as an idea and I think after playing with it but more I can come up with something more interesting do keep your eyes peeled.

Hope you have fun recreating this look!


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