I was thinking about old board games when I thought about doing this idea. the other thought I had was about monopoly do keep your eyes peeled and depending on how it goes that might crop up too.

The colours I used for this are:
‘White on white’ by Revlon, ‘Blackout’ by Rimmel and ‘Ruby’ by Rimmel

I started with a white base on all of the nails, with the slightly humid weather we’ve been having recently I’ve found that my nail varnishes are all getting thicker and not pleasant to deal with. although I find this quickly sorted by popping it onto the fridge for a bit before using it. This instance it look about 5 coats before I thought it could just about pass.

I then took the black and a fine brush and drew the line in the middle of each nail. while the black was out I also took a dotting tool and started adding the black dots to one side of the domino in random numbers.

I then took the dark red out and repeated the random numbers on the other side of the nail. add a top cost when it dries and it’s all good to go!

I hope you have fun recreating this look!!



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