my nails for the wedding


You may have seen in a previous post the nails for the bride, well, here are the nails I wore to the wedding. And these are Cayleigh themed nails (name of the bride)

The colours I used are:
‘White on white’ by Revlon, ‘hot gossip’ by Rimmel, ‘Blackout’ by Rimmel, ‘Gogo’ by 17, ‘Bright Orange’ by MaxFactor, ‘Spring Green’ by Barry M, ‘Strawberry I/C’ by Barry M, ‘

I guess I should really explain why these are ‘Cayleigh nails’ there is a reason. It took me about 2 weeks to figure out what I could do that would sum up Cayleigh in nail art form. but I found my 5.

What do they represent? The Mario fire flowers are for the bouquets at the wedding, yes, they even had faces! the Batman symbol was for the table I was sitting on, this might need more explanation but instead of table numbers we had old movie posters instead, ours was Adam West Batman!!!! The next nail didn’t come our as well as I wanted it too I did them late at night and it smudged but it was meant to be I pixel heart, this was for the bridesmaid head pieces. very very cute may I also say. The index finger is a comic book ‘wham!’ this was for the brides headpiece which was so cool I can’t begin to explain! And finally on the thumb is ‘I heart NY’ this one is for where they got engaged. awww, doing a theme around a person you know I kinda fun.

On with the tutorial!

Starting with a base coat, I’m still in love with the Revlon repair stuff that not only puts in vitamins but also fills ridges and protects your nails from staining.

(side note: I really wish I’d taken a photo of my nails before and after I used it, granted I buffed my nails as well but it got rid of the yellow staining on my nails, I regularly buff my nails and it’s never totally got rid of the stain before. now they’re stunning and pink and look so healthy!)

On tip of that I put white for the background. when drawing the detail I started with the ‘N’ as I thought its nice and square do I know when it’s the right size and then it should be easier to draw in the other part. Next was the ‘Y’ then the ‘I’ all in black, I went back over then to thicken the lines and to add the ends. Finally I took a red, with a bit of shimmer to it and sketched in the heart. I find with a heart if you draw a centre line first the it’s easier to get it even. (another little secret, when I did this the first time I went over the heft with Barry M Red Glitter and it looked great, but then I slept and it smudged badly! I have to take the whole heart off trying to save the rest of the nail, so no glitter second time)

Index finger:I started with a green base coat and from there I wrote in the word with black. starting with the letter ‘H’ than ‘A’ so I can try to centre the word. finally after the word was written I put the lines in to make it look like the word is coming from inside a burst. After this I took the red and filled in around the edge with red.

Middle Finger: I started with a white background for this one as well and I used a fitting tool and a very thin paint brush to make the pixels. I wanted the heart to go from red around the edge to a pink and white in the middle almost like a highlight. I started by using the dotting tool to place the colours then the brush to square them
off unroll finished.

Ring Finger: I started with a yellow base and made sure it was a nice thick colour, then taking a very thin brush and a black nail polish and start by dotting out the head and wing tips to make sure it’s even, then fill in the rest.

And last nail, the pinky: after putting white down for the background I started with the centre of the flower then worked slowly outwards with each layer before adding the stalk and eyes and we’re done!!

seal in with a top coat and wedding ready!!


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