Additions to Me and Jd Nail Art.

First of all thank you to everyone who read this blog.

I’m expanding the ways for people to keep in contact with the blog now and the photos and tutorials.

So via Facebook i now have a fan page which is at:

There’s also a Deviant Art page, fell free to look that also has some of my various other projects on as well as nails. That’s at:

and there’s an etsy page coming soon, well, coming when i finish sorting out everything you have to fill in. And hopefully fingers crossed, soon they’ll be you tube tutorials as well!!!! Just keep reading and visiting and i’ll put up a notice and links of course when i do get that all sorted. For now i’m having computer troubles which makes it hard to do the tutorials. But soon…

When i submit a post it does get set to twitter, tumblr and facebook so lots of places so see each one!I hope everything so far has been what you’ve wanted to learn and read.

If you have any suggestions or idea feel free to comment them and if i can i’ll give them a go.


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