Homage to the bride


So one of my oldest friends got married on the 28th July, and i did her nails for her!

The wedding was awesome and ever so odd which suited the couple perfectly, and i have a great time. I only wish i’d taken more photo with the bride, alas i did not.

But these are the nails she was meant to have. Sadly we finished the the night before and during the night they smudged during the night : ( and we didn’t have enough left to do both hands again so a not as fun set of nails were done instead. But this is what they were meant to look like.

Products used:

Marvel temporary tattoos, ‘White on white’ by Revlon, ‘Hot Gossip’ by Rimmel and ‘Heartbeat’ by 17

So i stared with a base coat to protect the nails. I’m using a new one at the moment from Revlon and it’s a repair one it actually fills in ridges in the nails as well as putting in vitamins into your nails. Then i went over with the white nail polish, after a few tests i realised that if you wanted the full colours to come through then you had to put it on a white background.

To apply the tattoos i first cut them all to the shape of the nail, this might actually be the longest part of the whole process. Then to apply i found that if you have a cup of water and a sponge then saturate the sponge with the water and over the top of the cup dab the sponge over and over letting the run off go into the glass then eventually the backing paper will slide off and that’s when you know it’s done, but be careful sometime i only half stick and the other half when you take off the paper will rip. The dab with dry tissue and leave to finish drying by air. When dry then add two top coats, yup two, and pay attention to the edge of the nail as this is where it chips most.

For her ring finger i did a ‘POW’ as this is what was on her hair piece as also i liked the idea of the ring finger having something special. This was just done with the very small brush, i started with the ‘O’ and centered it where i wanted it all to be and worked outwards.

And that’s all there is to it. I hope you have fun recreating this look!


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