How to… Leopard print


Have you ever looked at leopard print and wanted to try it out on your own nails but not known how? Well here’s a tutorial showing you how it can be done and it’s quick and simple!


The great thing about leopard print is that it can be done quickly and simply without much fuss but also, it looks great in all colours!!! You could do similar colours, metallic, rainbow, whatever you want.

For this version i’m going to be doing it in red and pink. So start with a good base coat nice and solid colour. Of course after protecting your nail with a base coat and preventing staining.


So here’s the easy bit. Leopard print is made up of 5 shapes. All of which are in the picture above. They are, 3 small lines in a circle shape, a ‘U’ shape with a line at the bottom, a solid filled in dot, a wide ‘U’ shape with a dot at the opening and a ‘U’ shape with nothing at the opening. And that’s all there is to it. Place these all over the nail until it’s full and you have leopard print nails.


I hope you have fun recreating this look!


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