Gloss on black


I wondered if this would work, and gladly i can say i think it does!!!

One more photo under the cut

The products i used for this are:

‘Blackout’ by Rimmel, ‘Mattiflying topcoat’ by Rimmel and ‘Topcoat’ by Rimmel.

Starting with the black nail varnish i painted all of the nails and made sure they looked even and smooth, then taking the mattifying topcoat i gave each a double coat t ensure there wasn’t any missed patches, i wanted this base layer to be as smooth as i could get it to be. Then once everything way dry, i took a very thin brush and some topcoat and started painting on patterns, i went with philagree for the nails, and just painted hem on top of the matt polish. I was surprised to find that the topcoat stayed glossy on top of the matt and make this surprising look. You can only really see it when the light catches the nails, but i think it can look quite nice.

Hope you have fun recreating this look!



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