Olympics medals


And the final Olympics tutorial!! more photos after the cut!

The colours i used for this look are:

‘White on white’ by Rimmel, ‘Blackout’ by Rimmel, ‘Cyan Blue’ by Barry M, Go go, by 17, ‘Spring Green’ by Barry M, ‘Hot Gossip’ by Rimmel, ‘312’ by Miss Sporty, ‘Aztec’ by BeautyUK, ‘Shade 9’ by 2True, and ‘461’ by Maybelline.

Starting with the Olympic logo, paint the background white and wait to dry, I find it takes 2/3 layers of white to stop it looking streaky. The i started placing the rings on. I found the best method for this is to place the black ring first as it’s the center of the top row, then fill out the rest of the top row then go for the bottom row.

Next, the union flag, starting with the red in the background. Then taking the red and plotting out the cross in the center of the nails then doing the diagonal lines going out from the cross. Making sure their separated with white lines. Finally filling in the triangles of blue around them. Then i did a deep ‘V’ in white to the middle of the nail, on one side of this i did a black line and the other a red to make it look like a ribbon and at the bottom i layered two shades of gold to make the gold medal.

The Norwegian flag is started off by painting the background red, once dry painting a white cross on it, then on top of that painting the blue on and leaving the line around the edge. Once again i drew a deep ‘V’ in white and painted one edge black and the other red to give the appearance of a ribbon. Then at the bottom i painted a silver disk.

The Brazilian flag’s background is painted in green, then i did the blue globe in the middle, then painting the yellow diamond around it. And for the final time repeating the deep ‘V’ down the the centre and this time adding a bronze medal at the end.

The final flag, the Swedish flag was just a blue background with a yellow cross on top.

If you were to recreate this look for yourself of course you could do any flags you wanted in any order.

Have fun recreating this look




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