For this look i thought i’d have a look at the various sports logos for the Olympics. If you were to do this look on your own nails, of course the background flag could be one from whatever country you wanted, it’s just the union flag as i live here in London.

The colours i used are:

‘White on white’ by Rimmel, ‘Hot Gossip’ by Rimmel, ‘Cyan Blue’ by Barry M and ‘Black Out’ by Rimmel.

I started this one with the red on the background of each nail. Then i carefully painted in the white cross on the nail then slowing the diagonal lines too. Making sure to separate the cross and diagonal lines with a white lines too. Then lastly filling in the blue triangles.

Once this had all dried i took the black and started drawing out the sports. From top to bottom the sports are Football, Gymnastics, Athletics, Diving and swimming. I actually looked up the logos used in previous Olympics to make sure they looked right.

Of course when you do this you can chose any other sports, i just liked the look of these ones the best, and of course the flag in the background can be changed.

Hope you have fun recreating this look!


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