Crystals and stripes


I thought i’d give this look a try. I was more curious to see if i could sit there and glue all these gems on more than anything and well. i can, but only just!

So the colours i used for this look were:

‘Hot Gossip’ by Rimmel and a gun metal grey by Maybelline.

I started with the nail with all the gems on. This actually took about 2 hours to do this one nail. I was watching the voice on iplayer while i did it… : S lol I was bought a little wheel of these gems as a gift for my birthday. I selected which colours i wanted to use and poured a few out. Using an orange stick i kept damp and a pair of tweezers i very carefully picked them up and put then onto an area of the nail that i had put basecoat on. The only thing i’d say is you need great lighting, amazing patients and a steady hand. As this takes ages and is fiddily. I started on one side of the nail and build it up with alternate colours going the length of the nail, the next row sat between these making the finished product took like a diagonal stripe. I had to put more basecoat down each line i placed down as it kept drying while i was doing the line.

The other nails i simply painted red and did the ame diagonal line in dots across the nails using the gun-metal grey colour. And that’s all there is to it.

The gems make the nail feel a bit bump but not too bad. The main problem is that i can see the ones around the edge flicking off and i can’t imagine having this on all of the nail would be a nice feeling. But it does make for an amazing look.

Keep scrolling down for a blurry photo of the crystal nail.

I hope you have fun recreating the look.



2 thoughts on “Crystals and stripes

  1. This is so pretty but oh so time consuming. I don’t think I’d have the patience for this but I’d definitely admire it on someone else.

    • It did take a few hours to do and a sore back after it wa done. Definatly the most time i’ve spent on one nails so far. But quite smooth to feel after not too bumpy. But ones were coming off as i handled the nail and that’s not even wearing it.

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