microbes and germs


I started this look as i loved the giant micros i’d recieved as a gift recently. Then i thought, well i wonder if you can have germs themes nails, and guess what… you can!!

So the colours i used for this look are:

‘Berry I/C’ by Barry M, ‘Matt White’ by Barry M, ‘Gloria’ by Andrea Fulerton, ‘Peach Melba’ by Barry M, ‘Voodoo’ by BeautyUK, ‘Sunshine’ by Rimmel, ‘320’ by Miss Sporty, ‘Double Decker Red’ by Rimmel, ‘Misty Jade’ by Rimmel, ‘Heartbeat’ by 17 and ‘Spring Green’ by Barry M.

So starting from the thumb, for this idea i started with a background coat of Berry I/C, i used about 2 coats for this one as i wanted a nice solid coat to work on. Then i painted on cross like shapes but I didn’t want the crosses to be equal so I made them wonky and different sizes, remembering the round off the edges. Then with the smallest brush I have I went around the edge and with black outlined them. then with the same brush traced the inside with small dots.

On my index finger I used peach Melba on the background. then I started to draw out small oval egg shapes and then extended lines away from them, almost line hairs. Once I’d filled them in I took my fine paintbrush again and place dots around the bottom of the shape.

For the middle finger I used yellow for the background colour, then with blue started sketching out sausage like shapes but smoothing one end flat not rounded, then I filled the shape in. Taking the black I went round the edge and outlined these shapes. finally drawing long hairs coming away from the shapes.

The ring fingers background is painted with misty jade and then the shapes are simply two circles up against each other I found when I was drawing them it was easier to draw the circle ready with one flat ish edge so the other circle could go against it. then I just filled in the colour.

And finally the little finger. After filling in the background I simply drew a chair of circles a made them do a small wave as the went across the nail as I thought it might look a bit boring if I did it straight. then I filled them in with small dots if paint.

And there you go!! my germy micrboie nails lol. and they’re actually taken from
images of microbes! perhaps you can figure out what they are??

I hope you have fun recreating this look!


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