Olympics 2012


Ready for the upcoming Olympics I’ve done this look. I tried to include some of the countries and the olympic rings. If you want to try giving this look a go, change up the flags, try different orders. Do whatever you want.

The colours i used in this look are:

‘Matt White’ by Barry M, ‘Blackout’ by Rimmel, ‘Spring Green’ by Barry M, ‘Hot Gossip’ by Rimmel, ‘320’ by Miss Sporty, ‘312’ by Miss Sporty and ‘Go go’ by 17.

So starting from the thumb nails, using matt white as the base coat, I had to use 3 coats before i got a thick solid coat that looked eve. Once this was dry i started drawing in the rings. Looking closely at the olympic rings i noticed that they overlap each other so i didn’t want to just paint a circle. So starting with the black ring i started to draw it out leaving a gap where the next ring overlaps it. Then onto blue and red leaving the gaps as i went finally doing yellow and green going through where the gaps were. Once i’d done the rings i moved onto the 2012 in gold. Making sure the spacing and size were even.

Next on the Index finger i did the German flag. The base colour on this is Red, and then i striped on the yellow and black down each side afterwards

On the middle finger i did the Union flag. I used the red as the base coat then went in the with blue and did the 8 triangles. Then using white went in and did the edges around each part.

On the ring finger i put the Russian flag, blue was the base coat then with red and white down each side.

And finally on the little finger i did the american flag. This one was so hard to do on such a small nail! I couldn’t get the right number of stripes and stars on it, : ) but i tried!! In the end i used Red as the base coat and first blocked out the blue corner, then the red stripes, then i used white dots instead of stars as i was working on such a small surface i couldn’t do better, sorry!

Anyway, i hope you have fun recreating this look!



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