hatching baby chicks


So a little look for easter. Something a little silly and yes a bit messy as i took the photo before i cleaned the nails up.

The colours i used for this look are:

‘749’ by Maybellines, ‘Bright Orange’ by MaxFactor, ‘Blackout’ by Rimmel, ‘312’ by Miss Sporty ‘Matt White’ by Barry M and ‘Grey Matter’ by Rimmel.

I started this with using the yellow from Maybelline as the background on all of the nails apart from the ring finger. On which i used Matt White as the background colour. Using as many coats as i needed to achieve a good solid colour.

Then using blackout i started with the eyes. To get the eyes to be similar shapes i used whatever was near me that i thought was the right size. In this case tha was a paintbrush the wrong way round. Once the eyes were down i started with the break. For this i used one of my very small brushes to make a ‘v’ shape and then fill it in afterwards.

Taking the white i drew on edges of the shell on the top and on the bottom of each nails to make it seem like the chick is breaking out of the egg.

On the ring finger i drew on an odd shape in the yellow i had used for the background colour. Ten taking the grey i drew on cracks running away from this part so it would look like the shell has cracked open and revealed some of what was inside. On this tiny bit of yellow i drew on an eye and other other hints to a bird as i could .

Finally, i took the gold to add a little quiff to each bird.

I hope you have fun recreating this look!


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