I was looking at some blueprints of a building the other day and i thought to myself, this would make some off nail art. So here it is.

ps. one of the rooms on the nails, actually has a toilet in it, can you see it?

So, the colours i used to do these nails are:

‘320’ by Miss Sporty, ‘Indigo’ by Barry M and ‘Matt White’ by Barry M.

So i started with the background colours, alternating them on the nails. Then with a very very fine brush i went in and started drawing out my room, i decided to d them at an angle because this way i though i could get more rooms and walls drawn in, whereas on straight they might have followed the line of a room.

I collected a lot of reference photos for this first before i started so i could see what they had in common and see what i wanted to take from each one to make p a set of interesting nails, and yes, the toilet. : )

For any lines that i though might be too thick, i simply went in with the background blue again and smoothed the line out.

I hope you have fun recreating this look.


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