Lady Gaga paparazzi


This look is done on false nails, purely as I broke one of mine. so in order to keep on blogging, I’m going to be using fake ones for a little while.

It’s still all hand done, no tricks, same old technique I used to paint my own so you can still have a go at home.

The colours i used for this look are:

‘Sunshine’ by Rimmel, ‘Go go’ by 17, ‘Chrome’ by Stargazer and ‘Blackout’ by Rimmel

So for this look i used two yellows for the base colour, as i wanted some difference within the nails. On the ring finger i chose to put chrome on it to represent the outfit she was wearing at the start of the video in silver in the wheelchair. I alternated the two yellows as the base coat on the other nails. They all needed about 2 coats on the nails before the colour shone through well enough.

Then using a dotting tool i got the black and on all of the yellow nails started making the dots of the ears so i did them in pairs all over the nails. Then, with the back of a paint brush i took the black again and finished doff the mickey mouse look with the big dot for the face.

I hope you have fun recreating this look.


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