A love letter flying to you


Here’s a spin off the bee flying nails i did back


Oh, and the reason i’m painting onto fake nails at the moment is, as i mentioned a little while ago, i broke one of my nails. Let me know if you prefer painting on fake nails or real ones though.

The colours  used for this look are:

‘Pattie’ by Andrea Fulerton, ‘Strawberry Fizz’ by Rimmel, ‘Peach Melba’ by Barry M, ‘Berry I/C’ by Barry M, ‘Hot Gossip’ by Rimmel and ‘Matt White’ by Barry M.

To start off this look i prepped my nails with nail rescue by Rimmel. I then proceeded to go and use Peach Melba and Berry I/C on alternating nails. I used two to three coats on the nails, depending on how i thought it looked.

I then started with a really fine brush doing the dashes to make the flight path. I made the flight path go on little loops and waves across the nails to give it a more fun look.

On the Thumb nail i drew  the envelope. I used a few blobs of white and spread it around with a small brush until i’d got it into the shape i wanted. Then very carefully using a fine brush i took the black and outlined the envelope and added the paper lines inside it leaving a gap in the middle where i could use the strawberry fizz and hot gossip to draw a heart shape the seal the letter and its red outline.

Seal it all in to make it last longer with a top coat and then you’re all done!

I hope you have fun recreating this look.


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