Bright neon animal print


So i thought i’d try out various looks on one set of nails. You could wear this as one large look or select each nail or change the colours. One print per look. I just wanted to see if you could do animal print with colours that are bright and not natural.

So te colour i used for this look are: ‘Azure’ by Rimmel, ‘Matt White’ by Barry M, ‘Silver Bullet’ by Rimmel, ‘Gloria’ by Andrea Fulerton, ‘Ann’ by Andrea Fulerton, ‘Bright Orange’ by MaxFactor, ‘749’ by NYC, ‘Spring Green’ by Barry M, ‘Shocker’ by Rimmel, ‘Strawberry Fizz’ by Barry M and ‘Peach Melba’ by Barry M. 

So starting with the little finger..Using orange and yellow across the nail to form the background colour. I wanted it about half half so i went diagonally across with the colours. Then on top i used green and painted on leopard spots. Leopard sports are made with lots f little dots, circles, ‘c’ shapes and tiny lines hinting a circle.

On the ring finger i used blue for he background and then i used the white as the giraffe spots. Although looking at it now i think it would have looked better with two other colours as it looks a bit like ice with these colours together. Giraffe spots are best painted on if you start in the middle and aim for all shapes for have about 4 sides some 5. And keeping a small gap between them all.

The middle finger is meant to be tiger stripes but again i don’t think it works with these colours or doesn’t look like tiger stripes. The main difference with tiger stripes is that they’re more triangular in shapes. Some are in side triangles and some follow the edges of triangles.

The index finger was done with a peal finish background and then red spots on top. It’s just the leopard spots. like the little finger.

And finally for the thumb i used two pinks for the background. Then i used a light blue on top for the stripes. This one is zebra print, i found the key to doing a good zebra print is to join some of the lines together sometimes. And some don’t go the whole way across.

I hope this helps and have fun recreating this look.


2 thoughts on “Bright neon animal print

  1. I love the white and blue. Before I read your description, I thought it looked more like a turtle shell. lol But it’s so pretty! I want to try this.

    • Thank you! People kept asking if the blue and white was meant to be broken ice, so i got a bit scared it didn’t look right with thast colour combination.

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