Your input!

This blog is about 3 weeks old now. Still new.

I’m amazed at the traffic i’ve had to this site. All i can say is thank you for showing your interesting and for reading. I hope these tutoirals are interesting or are at least helpful.

So i thought it’s about tiem if i asked if this is what you want from a nail art blog, or is there anything i can do to make it better for you.

Would you like more frequent posts? More specific nail art ideas? If you have any you want me to try send me a message and let me know what you’d like to see. I have a long long list of ideas but if any of you give me any ideas i’ll rush them to the top of the pile. Wouold you like step by step photos too?

I have a few more posts to share with you guys and i’ll try to get them posted before the week is out, and i’ll do a couple tonight too.

I’m also working on videos of how i do my nails. The editing is proving harder than i thought but i’ll have them ready, not sure when…

So once again a massive thank you for stopping by and reading. And let me know what i can do to help and make things better..

Jade xx



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