New years 2012


To celebrate saying goodbye to 2011 and a big hello to 2012, i did these nails. I only used 4 colours in it, so it’s nice and simple.

The colours i used in this are: ‘Pattie’ by Andrea Fulerton, ‘Matt White’ by Barry M,’ ‘Your Majesty’ by Rimmel and ‘Aztec’ by BeautyUK.

I started out painting alternate nails gold and silver, Then adding the designs and extra background colours on after this. On the little finger is a set of balloons. I drew then very simply in white first then added some shadow in back and shades in parts with gold.

The ring fingers I painted a banner of thicker gold diagonally down the middle, then on this i wrote 2012, then highlighted parts of the numbers with white. Then went with the silver around the edge of the thicker gold stripe to make it look like a firework.

On the middle finger i Sketched in two champagne flutes with black and highlights with white, Keeping the whole image very simple.

And on the index finger i went with a clock striking 12. I drew it all in with black first then i went around and highlighted it with white after to make parts of it stand it.

A very simple design. I hope you have fun re-creating this look.


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