Cut here….


I felt like something different from the usual tips look and i thought this would be fun to try and do.

The colours i used for this are: ‘Carr’d Away’ by Maybelline and ‘Pattie’ by Andrea Fulerton.

So to start this look i used my base coat of nail rescue then i put down two coats of Carr’d away. This is a very light pinkish tone. If you do french manicure then it would be a great option to use. It’s like you’re wearing nothing but adds a healthy pinkish glow to your nails.

Once this was dry i added a topcoat before starting on the tips.

For the tips i used Andrea Fulertons Pattie, as it has a very fine thin brush inside and i used this to firstly do the dashes across all of my nails. Once i’d done all of th dashes, i grabbed the smallest oil paint brush i own and started drawing in the pairs of scissors. I started with making an ‘x’ shape on one side of each nail, From this i looped the ends and made the handles for the scissors. On some of the nails i only did one half of the scissors, as if the other half and underneath and on others i did the whole scissors.

I hope you have fun recreating this look.


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