Back and Silver


If you’re looking for a very simple look, Just something to spark up a plan nail then here you go!

Colours used for this look: ‘Black out’ by Rimmel, and ‘Your Majesty’ my Rimmel

In order to achieve the very straight line i used selotape. Before you go putting selotape on your nails you have to let what’s underneath dry fully first. And i mean for a few hours. If it’s not totally dry it will just peel the nail varnish off. The other thing i do is i stick the tape to my clothes first then attach it to my nails. This way it picks up lint and dust from your clothes and still sticks but not as strongly to the nail.

So a thick base coat, or two of the desired  colour you want. Then allow to dry for a few hours. Once you’re sure it’s dry start with the tape. I placed the lines about where the french manicure line would go. You could fill the whole of the top in, or do a vertical line or diagonal but i wanted just a plain and simple stripe.

Once the tape is down carefully paint within them. Try not to push the pain towards the tape as sometimes this can make it seep under the tape. Once it starts to try carefully peel the take off. I say carefully as well you don’t want to peel everything off, and once when i was doing this i peeled the lines i’d just painted off, i’m not really sure how either. But just a warning for you there.

And that’s all there is to it! I hope you have fun recreating this look.


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