Spooky Halloween house


This was one of the looks i did for Halloween. I just wanted a simple spooky house and shadows look.

So the colours used in this looks are: ‘Shade 41’ by 2true, an unknown shade number from 2true and ‘Pattie’ from Andrea Fulerton.

First i started with the red. Starting from the cutical i work out till about halfway up the nail, then a second layer of the ame colour but stopping it slightly lower on the nail. Then using the orange i coloured the rest of the nail in but starting from the lower red shade over the red that was left as a single coat, and the second shade of orange starting fromwhere the red stopped and up to the top.

Once this is dry, i started with pattie, using the long thin brush in the bottle i started sketching out the outlines of the houses. I chose to make everything wonky and sitting at odd angles to make it look more spooky and run down.

I started out drawing houses, but in the end i did three houses and a quickly little nightmare before christmas tribute nail and a graveyard one too.

And that’s all there is to it. Hope you have fun recreating this look!


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