Halloween theme 2


This was the second Halloween look that is did in 2012, I went for another varied images look.

The colours i used for this are: ‘Black Out’ by Rimmel, ‘Matt White’ by Barry M, ‘Your Majesty’ by Rimmel, ‘Pattie’ by Andrea Fulerton, ‘electric Blue’ by BeautyUK, ‘Purple Addict’ by Rimmel, ‘136’ by Stargazer, ‘Go go/ by 17 and ‘Spring Green’ by Barry M.

Little Finger:

Starting at the little finger i used blackout for the base coats. I went in a put two down, Then with matt white i drew little triangles  with the black line down the middle to split them into two, and a small black dot or line in the middle. I then went in with a red, yellow and green to paint in eye colours so it now looks like there are eyes staring out of the dark.

Ring Finger;

I started with a background colour of electric Blue, I used two coats to get a bright colour with this polish. Using Your Majesty i went through and drew a spider-web across the nail.

Middle Finger:

Using Purple Addict as the background colour, then going in with Matt White and making a large circle across the nail, the using your majesty i went around the edge as a highlight. Then using Pattie i drew an outline of a witch on a broom.

Index Finger:

With this nail, before i coloured in the background i drew a quick outline with go go and sketched out where i wanted the banners of tape to go and then after i was happy with that i went around then a filled in the black. Making sure not to go within the areas I’d left for the banners. After i filled in the banners with 3 coats of yellow to make it nice and bright. Once this had dried i went with pattie and wrote crime scene across the banners.


Using Orange Soda from 17, I filled in the background. To give it a sunset look. Then i went in with Pattie and started sketching out the gravestones and birds. Once i was happy with the way that this looked I went in with Matt White and started with highlights. To do this i just chose one side, the upper left and highlighted that side of everything only.

And that’s it. Hope you enjoy recreating this look.


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