Chinese new year


So for chinese new year, 2012 i did my nails to celebrate the year of the dragon. On the nails i wrote Gong Xi Fai Chi, which means Happy New Year.

The colours i used to get this look are: ‘Red Glitter’ by Barry M, ‘Aztec’ by BeautyUK, ‘312’ by Miss Sporty, ‘Pattie’ by Andrea Fulllerton, ‘Double decker Red’ by Rimmel and ‘Red Carpet’ by Rimmel

I first started With a base coast of Nail Rescue on my nails to protect them from staining my nails red. I then proceeded to paint all of my nails with double decker red. I did this to make sure all of the nails had a good background base to work off.

Then on the index, middle and little fingers nails i put a coat of red carpet over the top to add a shine and sparkle to them. And on the thumb and ring finger i put two coats of red glitter by barry m on.

Once this was dry i could get to start on the writing and the dragon. Now with the writing i used two types of gold. One is bright but watery and the other is almost mat but thick. So i put the writing on eahc nail with the thick matt one first and sketched out the dragon, then i went over the top of everything and added somemore sketching lines onto the dragon in the brighter but thin one. After i went through the dragon again with some black as well.

And that’s all there is to it : )

Hope you have fun recreating this look.


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