So as Movember went by and a lot of my male friends were all grow moustaches i felt a bit left out and wanted to support them so i did this look!

So the colours i used for this look are: ‘Rose Libertine’ by Rimmel, ‘Strawberry Fizz’ y Rimmel and ‘Black Out’ by Rimmel.

So i started with a base coat of nail rescue to protect my nails. Then i proceeded on with the background colours on the nails. I used two background colours, and painted alternate nails with them.

Once these had dried i started on with the moustaches. I actually looked up a moustache chart, yes they exist, to find which ones i wanted on my nails. And i wanted all different ones that were not too similar. Once i’d decided which ones i wanted i started with drawing them on. I drew then on across the nail and i wanted a lot of coverage, the main theme is the moustache not the pink. I used my smallest brush an oil art brush and went ahead. I aimed for the middle of the nail each time. And well just copied the moustache on : )

I hope you have fun recreating this look for when Movember comes around again.


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